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Born in Sheffield, UK, I have been painting for as long as I can remember - or at least since I was about ten years old. Over the years I have painted a variety of subjects ranging from still life to portraiture. In the early days I used only oils, but later discovered the strengths of pastel painting. Whatever the medium or subject my work has always been figurative.

I believe my style of working is better suited to pastel painting, which I intend to do more of in the near future. My current interest in landscape in oils is because it is a subject that I have neglected in the past. I am attempting to develop a free style of brush work, mostly inspired by the work of Edward Seago.

As for other interests, they are many and varied. I have writen a novel called 'The Omega Paradox', see my book website here: www.richardkellier.com . Richard Kellier is the pseudonym I use for writing. I also play guitar and have a collection of folk instruments. Occasionally I design websites, including this one.

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